C# Channels - Async Data Pipelines

How to implement an assembly line concurrency model in .NET using channels.

C# Channels - Timeout and Cancellation

Explore cancellation and timeout techniques with channels.

C# Channels - Publish / Subscribe Workflows

Concurrency patterns in .NET using channels.

A Practical Guide to State Machines

Express application logic in a concise and declarative way using state machines and C#‘s pattern matching.

Translation using Syntactic Rules

How to describe a formal language and build a translator with ANTLR and JavaScript.

Computing Ranges in Constant Time

Range Minimum Query with Sparse Table and Dynamic Programming.

Gödel's System T in TypeScript

Experimenting with a rudimentary type system that ensures the programs always terminate.

On Recursive Functions

Lambda Calculus and the Y combinator in JavaScript.

Implementing a Regular Expression Engine

Using Ken Thompson's construction algorithm.

Scalable Angular Apps at DevReach 2018

DevReach is one of the largest tech conferences in Eastern Europe, focused on .NET and JavaScript. I had the pleasure to attend as a speaker, talking about Scalable Angular Applications.