Tags javascript

Parsing Regex with Recursive Descent

A fast and simple way to parse regular expressions.

Translation using Syntactic Rules

How to describe a formal language and build a translator with ANTLR and JavaScript.

Gödel's System T in TypeScript

Experimenting with a rudimentary type system that ensures the programs always terminate.

On Recursive Functions

The Y combinator or how to implement recursion in a language that doesn’t support it.

Implementing a Regular Expression Engine

Using Ken Thompson’s construction algorithm.

Impressions from EMEA Pug Challenge 2017

I had the pleasure to speak at the annual EMEA PUG Challenge conference in Prague. This is my second visit to this event. I was very excited about it because I already had fond memories of the last year’s one in the Netherlands.

KendoUI TreeList Load on Demand

How to lazily load the descendant items of a record in a TreeList.

Validate any DOM element with the KendoUI validator

Not only inputs.